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Used Piano Showcase - Your Source for Used Pianos in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Area.

Welcome to my used piano showroom, where I bring buyers and sellers together as a top quality used piano broker for the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.  Here you'll see premium grands and uprights for sale in a variety of brands, styles, and finishes.....and often for half the price of new.  It's an easy no pressure way to shop for a well maintained used piano at a great price!  Just scroll down the page to view all the pianos available, then contact me for further details, questions, or purchasing information.  Let my vast experience and highest level of integrity help you find the right piano to fit your needs and your budget.

Other listings may be available, but not shown here. Contact me for further information.

Traditional Yamaha C7 piano
Brand: Yamaha

Model: C7

Size: 7' 4"

Age: 29 years

Style: Traditional

Finish: Ebony high polish

Cond: Excellent

Sales #: 5609874

Price : $16,900 (SOLD)
If you're looking for a bigger grand piano to fill your living room at a great price this is it!!! It's 28 years old, but in actual usage years much less. My church client just had me spend two days on it to completely clean, regulate, and voice this wonderful instrument. It plays, and sounds amazing with a big rich sound, and wide dynamic range. The piano has been well cared for via a regular maintenance schedule, and has a double climate control system already installed for stability and protection from our Minnesota climate. This semi-concert grand sells new in the mid $40,000 range, but you can have this one for just $16,900. which is priced under market value to sell quickly. The church is changing their format, and the piano must be sold soon before their remodeling project starts. Cash in and save on this great opportunity to own a high quality Yamaha piano. Don't buy new...this one's for you!

Contact Info: Call Bruce at 952-926-3970 or email...bruce@genckpiano.com.

Kawai Grand piano
Brand: Kawai

Model: KG-5D

Size: 6' 9" Grand

Age: 34 yrs.

Style: Traditional

Finish: Walnut satin

Cond: Excellent

Sales #: 1311446

Price : $8900.  SOLD

This piano is a gem from not too long ago. Just 34 yrs. old, and in excellent condition with no dings or scratches. This 6' 8" model is considered a semi-concert grand size, and has a full well rounded sound for the right living room or studio. The big attraction is that it's made in beautiful walnut, and would command a $4000. - $5000. premium in today's market. The touch is very even, refined, and responsive which is typical for Kawai pianos from the 80s. The owner has taken good care of this piano with regular service, and a climate control system installed, but doesn't play anymore, and wants to sell.  This comparable new model would cost about $45,000. today, but this one can be yours for just $8900.!!! It's unique, it's beautiful, and it sounds fabulous! Check it out now!

Contact Info: Call Bruce at 952-926-3970 or email...bruce@genckpiano.com.
Boston Grand piano
Brand:  Boston

Model:  GP-178

Size:  5' 10" Grand

Age:  17 yrs.

Style:  Traditional

Finish:  Mahogany Polish

Cond:  Excellent

Sales #:  126762
Price :  Just reduced $4000.!!!  Now $10,900.!!!  (SOLD)

The collaboration between Steinway and Kawai has produced a wonderful grand piano called Boston. Some technicians may argue with me, but I've worked on a lot of them over the years, and if tuned and voiced properly these pianos can sound a lot like a Steinway with the distinctive touch of a Kawai. It's the best of both worlds! This particular piano has been well cared for by the owner, and has had a humidity control system from day one. It's a gem, and ready for a new home. It's very seasoned, but still young, and trouble free. For an all around great sound...this model is my first choice for a living room, or professional setting. You don't see them for sale a lot, and new ones sell for over $30,000. This one is a bargain for only $14,900.!!!

Contact Info: Call Bruce at 952-926-3970 or email...bruce@genckpiano.com.

Cable-Nelson (Everett) Spinet piano
Brand: Cable-Nelson (Everett)

Model: Spinet (Well made)

Size: Small

Age: 59 yrs.

Style: Euro

Finish: Cherry

Cond: Very Good

Sales #: 281310

Price : $900. (SOLD)

Forget all the stories you've heard about spinet pianos, as this one is different. This is a solid, well made smaller piano that Everett did a nice job with back in the 50s and 60s. Function and sound are better than average for it's design and size. Normally I don't sell pianos over 30 years old, but I made an exception for this one due to its good condition, and not needing any major restoration work. The cherry wood still looks great too, and would blend into any living room. The best part is the price of only $900.!!! If you are on a limited budget, and are looking for your first piano, or upgrading from that junker your kids are playing on...this is a great value.

Contact Info: Call Bruce at 952-926-3970 or email...bruce@genckpiano.com.

  • I play professionally, and have had Bruce Genck service my piano for 29 years.
  • I can truly say that in our search for just the right piano,
    Bruce was a very important factor in making it happen.
    I felt I could trust him completely as his client.
  • I have fallen in love with my piano all over again.
  • His tuning, voicing, and other recommendations have it sounding better than ever!
  • I am amazed at the level of care and timeliness
    with which Bruce responds to those rare emergency calls.
  • The piano was quite dark and muddy sounding
    when delivered to me, and now it sounds fabulous!
  • Bruce's work has always been first rate; he has been available
    if we needed him in any emergency situation.
  • Bruce's work has always been first rate; he has been available
    if we needed him in any emergency situation.
  • Because of his thoroughness and experience,
    I could never trust another piano technician.
  • I never realized how much better my piano could sound with his work!
  • I have taught piano for 25 years, and Bruce Genck
    has tuned the pianos in my studio the entire time.
  • You just don't stick with someone for 30 years
    unless the service is outstanding.
  • As a teacher, my piano gets a lot of hard use, and Bruce
    has done an excellent job of keeping it in good shape.