Piano Keys

Piano Services Offered

Due to my 37 years as a piano technician, I'm in a unique position of being able to offer you several high level piano services to fit your every need from the home to the concert stage. Let me show you what experience, efficiency, quality work, and a professional attitude can do for you and your piano! To schedule an appointment for any one of my services contact me now.


Setting all strings to
concert pitch. Tune up


Determining the piano's value for insurance, wills, sale, etc. Appraise

Humidity Control

Expert product installations and service for humidity control. Piano Systems


Changing or restoring the piano's tone through a combination of regulating, string leveling, hammer shaping,
chemical treatment, needling,
and tuning. Voicing


Thorough cleaning of piano and action parts. Clean


Reconditioning the piano to make like new again. Restore


Quality new piano referral information, plus used pianos for sale.
Sell Your Piano


Setting the 7000 action parts to
factory specifications. Regulate


Determining repair needs and related costs. Evaluate


Purchasing information and maintenance needs for all venues. Consultations


Piano covers, benches, pads, lamps, dollies, etc. Shop


Replacing broken strings, parts, fixing benches, adjustments, etc. Repair

  • I play professionally, and have had Bruce Genck service my piano for 29 years.
  • I can truly say that in our search for just the right piano,
    Bruce was a very important factor in making it happen.
    I felt I could trust him completely as his client.
  • I have fallen in love with my piano all over again.
  • His tuning, voicing, and other recommendations have it sounding better than ever!
  • I am amazed at the level of care and timeliness
    with which Bruce responds to those rare emergency calls.
  • The piano was quite dark and muddy sounding
    when delivered to me, and now it sounds fabulous!
  • Bruce's work has always been first rate; he has been available
    if we needed him in any emergency situation.
  • Bruce's work has always been first rate; he has been available
    if we needed him in any emergency situation.
  • Because of his thoroughness and experience,
    I could never trust another piano technician.
  • I never realized how much better my piano could sound with his work!
  • I have taught piano for 25 years, and Bruce Genck
    has tuned the pianos in my studio the entire time.
  • You just don't stick with someone for 30 years
    unless the service is outstanding.
  • As a teacher, my piano gets a lot of hard use, and Bruce
    has done an excellent job of keeping it in good shape.