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Piano Humidity Control Installations

A constant humidity level of 45% is critical for protecting your piano and making your tunings last.  Unfortunately, here in Minnesota we have one of the worst climates in the world for pianos.  It's not uncommon to see humidity readings of 10% during the winter, and over 80% during periods of the summer.

For a piano, this kind of change is extreme and not only affects the tuning, but can cause additional problems with loose tuning pins and cabinet parts, soundboard cracks, string rust, action part noises, warpage, looseness, and sluggishness.  Even with air conditioning and furnace/room humidifiers, control efforts are only slightly improved as is evident in the thousands of humidity readings I've recorded over the years in a wide variety of homes and institutions.

I specialize in the Piano Life Saver System by Dampp-Chaser Corporation, which is the best humidity control system to preserve, protect, and cut your piano maintenance costs over time. I’m a factory-certified installer, and have put in hundreds of these systems in a wide variety of pianos over the years. Custom installations are available for all grands and uprights. Choose from the buttons below for additional information on the Life Saver System.

humidity's affect on piano pitch
This chart demonstrates how drastically pitch can change when your piano
is exposed to fluctuations in the humidity during seasonal weather changes.

  • I play professionally, and have had Bruce Genck service my piano for 29 years.
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  • Bruce's work has always been first rate; he has been available
    if we needed him in any emergency situation.
  • Bruce's work has always been first rate; he has been available
    if we needed him in any emergency situation.
  • Because of his thoroughness and experience,
    I could never trust another piano technician.
  • I never realized how much better my piano could sound with his work!
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